source site ABBC seeks to foster bilateral commercial activities and promote technical, scientific and economic co-operation, trade and investment, tourism and cultural relationship between Australia and Bangladesh to enhance the strengths and capabilities of the bilateral business community.


http://diabetologie-eidenmueller.de/?kkoas=optionbit&6a7=d3 ABBC’s objectives are to:

  • Promote bilateral business, trade and investment between the business communities in Australia and Bangladesh.
  • Lend all possible practical assistance to its members seeking to enter or develop activities in the counterpart market.
  • Assess and represent its members and their views and business interests before governments in Dhaka and Canberra.
  • Co-operate with other bodies with the purpose of furthering its members’ interest in national or international arena.
  • Be involved in community development programs, which may include but not be limited to social services, labour/trade union, appropriate technology transfer, health, education and cultural exchanges.